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Genetic counseling
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Counseling by expert genetic counselors for individuals and families to understand genetic risks and possible inherited conditions.



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Rajvi mariwala

The counselor was brilliant and put me at ease.

Ram Krishna Menon

"1. The First report was indeed a little frightening as the critical areas were
highlighted in very stark language.
2. After discussions with my Councillor, a modified report was sent.
This report can easily be acted upon.
3. But, based on the various risks involved, it would have been still better
if the risks were presented in some order of urgency. You realize that
I cannot act on all at the same time.I have had my stools tested over 3 days
continuously for occult blood-all results were negative. I will still be doing a
Colonoscopy this month.
4. What to do next is going to be sheer guesswork on my part.
5. My review can be used on your website once I finish with all my tests."

Charlotte Mills

"Unfortunately I had to re-send the sample (my fault for losing the solution). As an international buyer, the return processes were fairly complicated, and not explained clearly.

My Genome Counseling session was rescheduled multiple times. On one occasion, 5 minutes before I was informed that another booking had been made during my session time, and someone else - not a doctor - would be taking over.

Reflecting on my reaction after receiving my report, and then waiting over a month for the counseling session, it would be much better to give the report and go through it at the same time as the session. This would have saved undue stress associated with the results. "

Surinderjit Singh Sindhu

I was very excited to know about my genetic makeup and what precautions I need to take for a Happy and healthy future. The chat and advice from the doctor after the genome test made Happy and confident of my future.

Vidhi kapur

Genetic Counselor was a great consultant. Counseling was very good with explaining me the whole report answering all questions in depth, had a great experience!

Shiven Kenia

"I sincerely enjoyed the counseling, the staff is well educated and experienced
to actively listen and suggest feedbacks as per individual's case."

Natasha Jog

"The genetic testing and counseling were very useful and helped me understand my risks for certain health conditions. But where it was of greatest value, was in showing me that despite a family history of serious illnesses, my own risks were nominal. So it helped calm me about my disease risk while identifying areas I need to watch and take action on. Thank you, mapmygenome and the super team.

Rajvi Mriwala

"Counselling was excellent! Very glad I did this. Your counselor was very skilled.
Enjoyed talking to them- friendly, expert and calming - just the right tone!"

Sheila Pasricha

Extremely pleased with the entire process and the Genetic counseling session. The only regret is that I should have done it earlier! Have recommended it. Reactions to the cost may dissuade some. Wish you all the best.

Sonam saraf

Was very happy to receive the genetic counseling. Genetic counselor explained the report in detail and we were overall very satisfied with them.

Julakanti ramakumari

Genetic Counseling made the environment quite @ ease, very knowledgeable and understanding person. Smart ways of dealing with patients. Patience @ very high level. Covered each n every aspect. Hope mapmygenome reaches great heights in future.


Best advice I have got. I have met several doctors and counselors and my intereaction with mapmygenome's counseling team has been excellent. Highly recommend it

Vijaya K

excellent counseling. I showed it to my gyanecologist and she wants to work with mapmygenome

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Counseling by expert genetic counselors for individuals and families to understand genetic risks and possible inherited conditions.

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