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Medicamap is a pharmacogenomic (PGx) test which analyzes your drug-response profile, based on genetic makeup.

Drug classes covered:
• Antiretrovirals, antibacterials, antimalarials
• Anti-cancer drugs - antineoplastics, thiopurines
• Anti-platelet drugs, vasodilators and anticoagulants
• Antidepressants (and many more)


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Key features:

  • Non-invasive: Buccal swab sampling in Mapmygenome kit

  • Design: Validated SNV's* (recommended by the FDA) included in the panel

  • Technology: High-throughput genotyping on bead-chip microarray

  • Accuracy: Data accuracy of 99.9%

  • Maximum coverage: Broad spectrum of drug classes covered for cardiology, diabetology, hematology, neurology, oncology, infectious disease etc

  • *Single-Nucleotide-Variations

    Note: Medicamap does not test for somatic, tissue-specific mutations which affect chemotherapy.

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