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Nutrition simplified by genomics.

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Discover The Power Of Nutrigenomics

Unravel The Genome-Diet Connection

Your genes dictate how your body responds to food, breaks down fat, assimilates nutrients, signals us to eat, etcetera, etcetera. In parallel, what you eat affects the activity of certain genetic elements and their impact on your health. Nutrigenomics is the branch of science that studies this complex relationship between your genetics and your diet. Understanding how these two factors interact with each other is key to discovering DNA-based nutrition solutions for optimal health.

Benefits of MyNutriGene

Complete diet analysis

How much omega-3 do you need? Are you eating enough greens? Get a breakdown of what your body needs, by knowing your genetic predisposition to micronutrient levels in your body

Track your fitness

Thinking of going the keto way? Do you struggle to lose the last few kilos? Keep tabs on genetic tendencies to store fat, lose/gain weight and more. Monitor factors which cumulatively affect your fitness levels

Prevent Disease

Worried about gluten intolerance? Family history of diabetes? Don't wait for symptoms, avoid them instead. Prevent vitamin deficiency, detect underlying risk for food sensitivities, boost immunity and prevent disease

Genome wide analysis

We analyze several regions in your genome which interact with dietary elements and vice versa. We look at your genes which are responsible for nutrient absorption, converting carbohydrates to fat, weight management and more.


Eating Right With MyNutriGene

Diet tips, lifestyle fads and health tips are mushrooming aplenty, and constantly evolving, too. What’s unhealthy this week could turn into a superfood the next! Amidst all the newfound information that’s entering our lives every single day, remains one source of knowledge, one that’s unchanging and is a part of our very being. DNA. DNA is the source code to everything in your body, be it vitamin levels, metabolism, detox mechanisms or even snacking patterns! Look into your DNA, for finding the perfect diet, one that works for you. Eat Wise. DNA Wise.


How Does It Work

Sapmple collection

Collect your sample, & make sure the cap is securely fastened. Reach out to us, & we will have kit collected from you.


Once we receive sample, the lab team will extract your DNA & subject it to an extensive quality check.


Once your DNA process our QC, it is then subjected to a variety of tests to ensure that your DNA is ready to be read!


Your DNA has been read! The genetic sequence thus obtained is now subjected to entensive analysis


Your MyNutriGene report is generated.


Frequently Asked Questions

You are unique, and so is your DNA. The MyNutriGene test scans 15+ parameters which affect your dietary requirements and health outcome. Important aspects such as nutrient levels (B, C & D vitamins, antioxidants, omega-3, etc), gluten and lactose intolerance, response to dietary fats and carbohydrates, eating patterns and metabolism, are covered in the report.
Weight loss is not caused by a single gene. There are multiple genes which affect fat metabolism, satiety, BMI, response to exercise and weight regain. MyNutriGene provides the complete picture of your dietary needs, by analyzing all these genes. Learning about your genetic predispositions helps you formulate the best weight management strategy. That’s not all. Healthy weight loss is an outcome of being in the right caloric deficit, whilst ensuring adequate intake of vital nutrients, in a sustainable manner. MyNutriGene helps you find the diet which works for your body - so you can achieve your weight loss goals and maintain overall fitness.
MyNutriGene tells you if you are at risk for vitamin deficiency, due to certain variations in your DNA. Knowing about genetic risk empowers you to switch to the right diet and prevent symptoms. If you have a genetic risk for vitamin deficiency, dietary intervention and regular screening may be recommended by our experts. A regular blood test tells you about the current level of vitamins circulating in your body. This is compulsory to clinically confirm the presence of deficiency, if any.
Lifestyle disorders like diabetes can be managed with nutritional intervention. However, a diet which works for one individual may not work for another. Hence, it is essential to include genetic assessment before switching to a specific diet. MyNutriGene reveals what your body truly needs, diet-wise. By decoding your genes, you will have access to information which will help you (and your nutritionist) develop strategies to prevent or manage issues such as obesity and diabetes.
Mapmygenome offers genomics-based nutrition counselling (additional charges included). Based on your genetics, family and personal history, a nutrigenomics expert provides you with diet plans. We have monthly and quarterly packages available Nutrition Counselling

Why Mapmygenome?

Once in a lifetime test

Latest technology & sequencing platforms

Simple and non-invasive sampling

19+ years of genomics experience

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