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TB Is Not To Be!

TB continues to remain a threat to public health in spite of the advances in technology related to diagnosis and treatment. How can we make sure that TB is not to be in a country with the highest burden of the disease?
World Down Syndrome Day

Down Syndrome Day: Get Down, Dig Deeper

On World Down Syndrome Day, our Principal Genetic Counselor, Pooja Lodaya talks about acceptance. The message conveyed is known to some and significant to all - IQ is not the defining factor of a person’s overall ability.

Anu Acharya is an Indian entrepreneur.

I’m Anu Acharya, founder of Map My Genome, and this is how I Lead from Within Anu Acharya  is an Indian entrepreneur. She founded and was...
Health for multitasking women

Healthy Women’s Day with Genomepatri

As #GeneNxtWomen, we have been groomed to multitask our way to success. In our daily struggle to balance work, family, friends, and health –...
Women's Day

On Women’s Health; On Women’s Day

`On Women's Health; On Women's Day Genetic counseling a healthcare specialty focusing on the medical, familial and psychological implications of genetic diseases. It is for...

Inspiring women

Anu Acharya CEO of Mapmygenome, Founder of Ocimum Bio Solutions “As you get older, you become a natural role model for others. I remember every woman...