2017 Musings

As the year 2017 comes to an end, our CEO Ms. Anu Acharya shares this poem, about our year in review.

WHEN Mapmygenome’s 2017 timelines are to be known,
And the business is on the rise booming,
With many an award, and customers rising,
And many a product that you may consider using,
I left the lines where we discuss the details
For that, I leave to our corporate emails


I bet you know a person whose medicine did not work

And those medical bills that did not lurk

Where health was a forgotten asset until the time

A hospital then took away dollars not just a dime

Our MedicaMap is bound to give that edge

When with life you would like to make a hedge




A guide to “who am I?” according to the Maharshi

Not my body, not the mind, nor the personality;

If life were an equation

DNA and environment would be part of the solution

Genomepatri with genetic counseling can help

With improved look and feel, to #Knowyourself


To help you know the algorithm inside

Should you want to know for you to decide

I thought that if you understood probabilistic chancy

That life was not a deterministic unchancy

I thought that our patented algo SNaPpy

Will certainly catch your youthful(?) fancy


And if you were looking for more validation

Fear no more, we’ve covered your trepidation

With certifications in hand like NABL

CE, ISO, PCPNDT and the rest of the stable

Not many can boast of 17 years of experience

Our team and background give us that resilience




At length, you read the Genomepatri report

Where you were compared with the rest of your cohort

Where early risks were spotted;

And recommendations for risks to be thwarted,

Those nudges help you make some drastic changes

What you do today will decide those ranges


But should there be a genetic risk to diagnose

For current or future generations that may pose

We help understand these situations

Hereditary, somatic or a random mutations

When you visit us or speak to us on the phone

We recommend the right test ― from single gene, exome to the whole genome

Business People hangout together at coffee shop

If your purse is light, But you have that gang

Your employer may just provide you with that bang

We collaborate with corporates, clinics and more

You can buy online on mapmygenome.in for one or many more

Get on our list, we promise you those deals

Our marketing team always seems to provide some steals

Business Colleagues Together Teamwork Working Office

We added many good men and women this year

To serve our customers in 65 countries, did you hear?

Our blog is rich and full of interesting articles and tidbits

If you haven’t checked it out, you must ― I promise additional hits

And the events that shaped the year include

The most awaited GES and other events elevated our mood


For the old and the young that plough life’s lane,

Riding with the flags, the fun and the family that became   

Remember, you are in charge of the life at bay

Today and in times of any danger, let me say

Oh! happy, happy may you may be

In 2018 there is much that we can see