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From Genome to Syndrome : The Rare Disease Riddle

A is for Albinism, B is for Bloom’s, C is for Cat-eye… for almost every letter in the English alphabet, there is a rare...

Cupid meets Genomepatri this Valentine’s – WOAH!!

A special day dedicated to your loved ones! One would argue, who needs a specific day but some people who have used 14 February...
The science of living - celebrating Charles Darwin

Darwin Gyan – Beyond Genetics

February 12 is celebrated as Darwin Day in memory of Charles Darwin who gave us the theory of evolution and so much more. Mapmygenome shares some famous quotes that find relevance beyond genetics.

World Cancer Day : Get the Awareness Gene ON!

“The current Indian population is 1,270,272,105 (1.27 billion). The incidence of cancer in India is 70-90 per 100,000 population. And cancer prevalence is established...