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From Our Experts: Genetic Testing for Colorectal Cancer

From Our Experts: Genetic Testing For Colorectal Cancer

Pooja Ramchandran, Director of Genetic Counseling at Mapmygenome, shares her views on the importance of genetic testing for colorectal cancer.
Fasting Tips for Navaratri

From Our Experts: Fasting Tips For Navaratri

Our Nutrition Expert, Dr. G.S. Kochar shares tips for fasting healthy during the Navaratri season.
Be nutrition wise

March’s Wish: Get Nutri-licious!

While following any kind of diet/rules, it is important to take small steps towards change. A drastic lunge could derail your efforts in the longer run! You are human, so are your needs and cravings. Experts in the field of Nutrigenetics anticipated this need much earlier and hence started working on a branch of science that slowly personalized nutrition to one’s distinctive DNA.
From our expert: Pharmacogenomics for doctors

From our Experts: Pharmacogenomics for Doctors

Dr. Risha Nahar Lulla, Principal Genetic Counselor and Pharmacogenomics Expert at Mapmygenome, writes about the value of pharmacogenomics or genetics based drug response testing for doctors.

At Naval War College, Goa

On April 15, Anu Acharya, CEO of Mapmygenome was an invited as a guest speaker at Naval War College, Goa. We bring to you...
From Our Experts: Pooja Ramchandran

From Our Experts: World Tuberculosis Day 2017

Pooja Ramchandran, Director of Genetic Counseling at Mapmygenome, shares her views on the future of Tuberculosis management.

Hereditary Split-hand and Split-foot in a family

Expert Genetic Counselor Dr. Risha Nahar Lulla discusses the hereditary risk for congenital malformation in families with hereditary Split Hand and Foot. Confirming a genetic cause is crucial not only for appropriate clinical management and surveillance, but also to enable families to make informed reproductive choices by dispelling myths and addressing fears.
Defy Age - You are as young as you feel

Defy Age – For You Are As Young As You Feel

Always remain a child at heart, for you are as young as you feel. Defy age, go on to pursue your passions, and inspire the generations to come.
Poetry... It's in the genes

Poetry…It’s in the Genes!

Poetry is true magic, which takes us beyond the realms of the mundane to a world that is the writer’s creation. It can be...

The tale of an extra chromosome “Down’s Syndrome”

Hmm..Perhaps there's something different about their eyes? These children have a rare genetic condition called “Down’s Syndrome” Did you know that “Currently, the incidence of Down syndrome...