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Hard Yes, Impossible No!

Say No To Tobacco: Hard – Yes, Impossible – No!

To Smoke Or Not To Smoke? My friends keep pressurizing me to smoke. Should I give in to peer pressure? At home too, there is no...
Stay Fit This Ramadan

Fast and Keep Fit: Dos and Don’ts This Ramadan

Team Mapmygenome wishes you Ramadan Mubarak! This Ramadan, stay healthy and fit. In this post, we share some fitness tips for the Holy Month.

Sports Scoop: Can Genes Change Your Game?

The world of sports has always been demanding. It demands energy, discipline, rigorous practice, good sportsman spirit, honed skill set and much more! Renowned...
Hypertension Day

Hypertension: Manage Your Choices

Hypertension need not cause tension. Read this post about a customer who conquered his fear of hypertension, moved to a healthier lifestyle, and started his journey of self-discovery with Genomepatri.
Crohn's Disease

Crohn’s Disease: Manage Your Choices

Aditya (28 years) is a software engineer who loved running marathons and indulging in a good biryani from time to time. He noticed a...