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Type 2 Diabetes and Exercise

Physical activity benefits everyone, but it is especially advantageous to diabetic people. There are three different types of exercise schedules recommended for diabetics. Choosing the right combination is the key to staying fit.
Vitamin C, D

Vitamin C2D: Co-operate to Dominate!

One of the most common deficiencies seen today is that in Vitamin C and Vitamin D. One of the major reasons for such deficiencies is the lack of awareness.

How To Find Your True (Genetically-Mapped) Self In A Selfie Obsessed World

Emily Wasik of PSFK interviews Mapmygenome Founder & CEO Anu Acharya on how genetic mapping is changing the healthcare industry, one selfie at a time
Obesity & Genetics

Obesity – Your Genes Are More Responsible Than You Think

Your genes contribute significantly to your BMI. Genetic testing can help in achieving your weight goals, in combination with other methods.
Human DNA is 99.9% Identical

Unique by Nature, United by Nature

The human DNA is unique for every individual, but all humans have 99.9% identical DNA. Let us stay Unique by Nature, United by Nature.
Decoding GST

Confused about GST? Here is an Easy Guide – Anu Acharya

Mapmygenome CEO Anu Acharya shares valuable tips on GST.
Doctors' Day 2017

Doctors’ Day 2017: Acknowledging the Genomic Pioneers

Mapmygenome, India’s pioneering personal genomics company, acknowledges the pioneers who harnessed the power of genetics to transform medicine.