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The Promise of Genomics to Science and Society – Part 2 of 3

....Welcome to Part deux in the series on Genomics; how it's impacted the field of science and society, and how it will continue to...

The Promise of Genomics to Science and Society – Part 1 of 3

Let’s start with the basics here. For the adequately initiated, the first bit of this post would be a bit of a snoozefest… Much like...

Epigenetics – What’s the hype about?

There have been several articles and discussions about epigenetics and many of them may befuddle the average reader but it does sound cool- doesn't it? It's...

Whole Genome Sequencing: A case of diabetes and hyperbilirubinemia

A 32-year-old male affected with type 2 diabetes and chronic hyperbilirubinemia (8 to 10-fold elevated bilirubin levels in the blood) wanted to find out if these could be caused by genetic factors in him? When he went to meet his physician for gaining some insight into the genetics of these conditions, the physician referred him to Mapmygenome for genetic counseling that would help him understand the heritability of these medical conditions and suggest the right genetic test keeping in view his personal medical and family history. During his discussions with a genetic counselor, he revealed that two of his maternal aunts and his paternal grandfather were also affected with Type 2 Diabetes and associated microvascular complications (kidney and eye-related). However, there was no family history of diagnosis of hyperbilirubinemia.

The God of All Things New, Good, and Healthy

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated for 10 days with a lot of community-based celebrations. It is Lord Ganesha's birthday. Since he is considered to be the...

PUFA “n” MUFA : the Ω Hoo- Haa!!

When it comes to nutritional supplements, there is one chant everywhere! Omega! Omega! Omega! Every drugstore, every shop, every nutritionist/consultant/dietitian prescribes it! Its benefits are...
Eating For Two?

Prenatal Nutrition: Are You Eating for Two?

Smart mommas are choosing a healthy diet and lifestyle even before conception. Find out why nutrition is important to you and to the baby before, during, and after pregnancy.