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Resolving to quit smoking / alcohol this New Year?

New Year Resolutions for 2018: Your Genes Can Help You

Anyone who has been addicted to nicotine in some or the other form, or to alcohol, has resolved, at least once in his or her life to do away with the habit. In defense of the ones who aren’t able to quit drinking or smoking, part of the problem lies in their genes.

2017 Musings

As the year 2017 comes to an end, our CEO Ms. Anu Acharya shares this poem, about our year in review. WHEN Mapmygenome’s 2017 timelines...

ఆరోగ్య జాతకం చెప్పేస్తాం

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Your sweet tooth could be genetic

Do You Love the Sweet Taste? It Could be Genetic!

Read on, if you feel that no meal is complete without a dessert.

Alcohol: Don’t Flush and Blush!

Alcoholism or alcohol addiction has become one of the leading causes of global concern. It is interesting to note that our sensitivity, tolerance and reactions towards alcohol have a lot to do with the genes we inherit from our parents.

Ten Tips To Manage Weight This Holiday

Deck the halls with boughs of holly; keep a check on your belly!!   It is that time of the year!! December has always been my...

Tuberculosis: An Overview

Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis poses a formidable challenge to TB control due to complexities in diagnosis and treatment. It has become critically important to rapidly identify genes responsible for multi-drug resistance for therapeutic and epidemiological investigations.

Advancements in Genomics

Genetics and molecular biology have been the center of curiosity and research as early as 5th century B.C.E. With genius minds like that of...

Know Your “Gut” Feelings : Crohn’s , Colitis and more…

For most people, the day begins with a personal hygiene routine. As children, we are taught to follow and maintain good hygiene practices, so...

The bond that ties entrepreneurs from Hyderabad to Jamaica – Anu Acharya’s GES2017 story

Honestly, I did not know what GES was until this year. I first heard about it from NITI Ayog, the premier think tank of...