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Mapmygenome partners with VitaminLab to create personalized vitamins based on your DNA

HYDERABAD, India – April 22nd, 2019.  Canada-based VitaminLab, the global leader in the creation and marketing of personalised, customized vitamins based on health data...

Fad Diets Through The Ages

Keto. Paleo. WeightWatchers’. SoyLent. Atkin’s. Yes you’ve heard of them, probably even tried out a couple. Maybe they worked for you, maybe they didn’t. Did...
Perfect Diet

Keto? Paleo? Vegan? What's the BEST Diet?

“I ought to really check what I’m eating!! Should I follow the Keto diet? How about the Mediterranean one? Oh wait, there’s always WeightWatchers’.” That’s...