Going Gluten-Free? Few Points to Remember

Going Gluten-Free- Few Points to Remember

Research in the past has reported that more than 30% of the patients have deficiencies to dietary fiber, proteins and minerals coupled with imperfect absorption of iron, folic acid and calcium. This deficiency can be overcome by consuming gluten free foods and processed gluten free products which contain good sources of lipids, sugars and fats. Continue Reading


Cholesterol: The Good, The Bad (And The Ugly?)

Cholestrol Blog Post

Although it is not feasible to prevent causes that lead to the advancement of atherosclerosis, a few of them like low cancer incidence can be controlled by taking food products rich in whole-wheat bread, fruits, nuts and vegetables. Other preferred dietary products are omega-3 fatty acids and phenol compounds like apples, citrus fruits, berries, and mangoes etc. Continue Reading


Debunking The Myths of Blood Cancer

Blood Cancer

Cancer is a difficult disease – both for the patient as well as her near ones. It is easy to despair at the diagnosis. Being there with your loved one in such difficult times and never losing hope is as important as the treatment regimen. An early prognosis, sticking to the treatment plan and having a positive mental outlook is key to effectively fighting this disease. Continue Reading