365 Days of Mapping Genomes: A New Year’s Rhyme 2020

365 Days of Mapping Genomes: A New Year’s Rhyme 2020 | Mapmygenome
As we prepare for a festive end,  
A short rhyme, or a recap, here we send.
It was a busy year for the laboratory,
Day in and day out, a new DNA story.
Genome mappers worked faster than Santa’s elves,
We got new tests and reports, awards stacked to the shelves.
Genomepatri™ reports got a new look, so learn more about every gene,
Health tips are included too, better than any magazine.
The MyFitGene™ report can map out how fit you are,
There are foolproof tips for you, don’t look too far.
If you seek a diet plan, MyNutriGene™ is for you,
Do you need supplements? Yes, we got those too!
For enhanced cancer screening, we got a new collab,
Genomics along with blood tests, at your local lab.
MyFitGene™ in different states, our word did travel,
With coaches and bureaucrats, sports genomics is at a new level.
Wait! We saved the best for the last,
Ancestry mapping is here, get your Heritage report fast!
Key events in 2019
Launch of DNA OncoScreen™, the first ever genomics-based cancer screen in partnership with LUCID Diagnostics
MyFitGene™ offered to budding athletes of the country, after pilot studies for state sports authorities
Ancestry testing launched – Genomepatri Heritage™
Listed in the global top 40 at the Entrepreneurship World CUP (EWC) 2019
Zee Business Award, Dx Leadership Award, Healers of India Award
Mapmygenome featured in Nuffoods Spectrum and Forbes India
Here’s to another year, may every wish come true,
With Genomepatri™, we promise you’ll find a healthier you.
All it takes is to Know Yourself, really,
Wish you a happy 2020,
from the Mapmygenome family.


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