“We are living in a time where you have so much information about the human genome. It helps in understanding multiple areas of genomics and computing and where we will go in the future with the human genomic study. Yet also this is a time when we don’t know everything about it”, says Anu Acharya, CEO of Mapmygenome India during an online interaction with Dr Shalini Lal, Co-founder Unqbe.

Anu believes that the genomics of the future must be genomics for all, regardless of race, caste, ethnicity, geography or financial ability.

Software of life

According to Anu, a human genome study offered the possibility of being able to look at the entire genome as software of life.  “It is like the first instruction manual of human beings in some form. Instead of our usual letters you have A, C, G, T”.          

Genomepatri- A guide for a healthy lifestyle

Anu is optimistic that the field of genomics has the right leads to find everything related to health, diseases, nutrition, fitness and many more at the individual level. Genomepatri, the flagship product of Mapmygenome, primarily focuses on this aspect of human genomics. “Genomepatri is a product that we created to help people sitting in any part of the world to get our gene-testing kit,” says Anu Acharya.

“It works on four factors such as knowing your basic traits, understanding relative risks in health, detecting if you are a carrier for a particular genetic disorder. It also helps in understanding what sort of drugs are going to work in terms of their efficacy and toxicity. Then create a plan of action from the prevention point of view,” she adds.

We are 99.9% match!

“One thing I really loved about understanding human genomics is that everybody is 99.9% alike. All the human-created barriers of caste, gender, religion and all of that is a little outdated when you start looking at it from a DNA lens and yet we are unique. That’s hopefully the message we can spread across the world,” says Anu.

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