A Refreshing Boost of Mint

The humble mint leaf, which enhances the aroma and taste of food, is great for health too. We all know about its refreshing abilities due to menthol. Now let’s consider the health benefits –

  1. Oral care: Mint not only freshens the breath, but also protects against cavities by killing germs. No wonder most toothpastes contain mint extract.
  2. Digestive boost: A soothing infusion of mint leaves can cure many digestive ailments including IBS.
  3. Pain relief: Mint extracts find their way in many pain relief medications – application, inhalation, or oral. From cramps to head aches and even menstrual discomfort, mint is one great solution.
  4. Cold and cough cure: A majority of Ayurvedic concoctions to fight cold and cough contain “Pudina tel” or mint oil.
  5. Skin clarification: Salicylic acid in mint leaves can help fight a wide variety of skin infections. Not only is it antibacterial, but also soothing to the skin. Many skin care products contain mint extracts for this reason.
  6. Detox and weight-loss: Mint and lemon water first thing in the morning is said to cleanse the system. There are claims that mint stimulates fat-burning enzymes.
  7. Anti-allergenic: Mint can inhibit release of histamines, helping people fight hay fever and other allergies.

Make yourself a cup of tea with fresh mint leaves and give a refreshing boost to your body and mind.