Appreciate – Be grateful – Care and Don’t forget

The ‘ABCD’ turned around for our ancestors. One simply cannot undermine their existence or the hard work put in; bits of which have made our lives so much more easier and comfortable today.

Whether it was during warfare, surviving harsh plagues and famines, holocaust, serious diseases – their strength and stability ensured our survival. The lack of technology pushed our curiosity; their labour led to the invention of our machinery – the time they lost – is what we make a buck for today ?

It’s good to have a day to appreciate the ones we took for granted – the ones who gave us so much. It’s not just a family name – ethnic origin – a definition of one’s personality but our identification today!

While a lot is known and has been discovered in history today; geneticists are among the group that have benefited the most with the knowledge of ancestry. Any family history, background on origin, helps create a genetic database for the region and people around. A gold mine of information for future generations – one that could help immensely in diagnosing any genetic predisposition; understand underlying health risks and learn more about their strengths and abilities.

You can be grateful for a vast number of things; let us help you out with some cool genetic facts! The impact can still be felt on our genetic imprint. Their environment, eating habits, work and partners (marriage) shaped our lives today. Here are some brilliant facts that will make you appreciate your ancestors even more…..

Survival of the Fittest

Why aren’t we “apes” anymore? Because our ancestors evolved! A progressive race, we moved and are still going at breakneck speed post the Industrial Revolution. From walking on all fours – to being the “fancy” two-legged species (one with reason and technology) – we created our own genetic roots in the animal kingdom. Nature helped too by sparing only those who could deal and adapt with the changing environment. Thereby, the establishment of a new race – new origin and the gift of ancestry to the twenty-first century version of us.



Believe it or not, human settlements weren’t many in the earlier days. They lived and bred together – confining their genes to a certainty. But with new lands, search of new resources and battles came the great migration. Nature did her part here too by separating Australia, Africa and the United States. We did ours by settling in newer areas, looking for more of us and cross-shutterstock_331396313breeding. Our search still continues as we look for life on Mars and Moon. The change in environment, new relationships, new areas brought about the diversity today. Colours difference from our brothers living near the equator to the ones that hunt with penguins, the height, eye colour and texture are a few examples of how diverse we have become. We went from looking alike to different types.

Genetic Traits

Clinically speaking, research shows that populations exhibit specific different profiles, based on demographics, breeding practices and the availability of resources. The ever-changing dynamics between nature (genes) and nurture (environment), bring a high level of variation in physical appearance and physiology – this is because of genetic architecture, too! We are surrounded by living examples – global differences in height (East vs West), high incidence of disease in Jews (“founder genetics”) and many more.

shutterstock_195439550While a lot was gifted, our surge towards technology and luxury has somehow diminished our guaranteed and well endowed physique. Individuals have to plan a fitness routine, good diet plan, regular medical screening to ensure a healthy life today. But if you go back in time once again – that memory lane will show your grandpa exercising and grandma packing only home-made – extremely fresh food for you. They were attuned to the upcoming necessities then as well. Hence, the constant reminders about taking care – staying healthy – spending sometime without our phones – being with family.

Take a moment today – look into the mirror and see who you resemble the most in your family? Where do your looks – your smile- that fun filled attitude come from? Whose genes gave you those gorgeous dimples, amazing curls and brilliant height. Get to #KnowYourself today ? Our shaded holidays are a gift, and it is very rightfully said…..

“One generation plants the trees and another gets the shade”