Defy Age – For You Are As Young As You Feel

Anita Peter teaches Mohiniyattam in Hyderabad. Among her enthusiastic students who are learning this traditional Kerala dance are wonderful women for whom 60 is just a number. This is a testament to the teacher who believes that age and other demographic factors are not barriers to learning. She does not believe in compartmentalization.

Last year in China, Wang Deshun (80), who has been called the hottest grandpa, conquered the runway during his debut at the China Fashion Week and took the internet by storm. Beyond an age when people enjoy retirement, he has become a fitness ambassador who loves trying new things.

At a recent marathon organized for ladies in Hyderabad, many were 60+. Defying all odds, they brisk-walked their way through the route, winning medals and hearts.

Our marketing team has reported a steady increase in potential customers who are 80+. A team member, who went to collect a sample from an 85-year old great-grandma of three, was totally charmed. He cannot stop praising her joie de vivre and enthusiasm to get her Genome mapped.

Our social media sites are flooded with stories of strong-willed people who defy age, go on to pursue their passions, and inspire the generations to come. They are young at heart with attitudes to match. It is a sad fact that these people are an exception, rather than the norm. It makes one wonder, what the future holds. Unfortunately, our predictive genomic tests can only talk about health and certain interesting traits that make you what you are. We have experts who can give cool advice, but it is up to each one of us to build our indomitable spirits and to let go of the years. If you are young at heart, you may not want to read further – it will be like looking into the mirror. Others, please read on, for you are as young as you feel.

Learning Is Always ‘In’

Always learn

The upper age limit for learning is only applicable at some places. Today, there are so many new avenues and channels. Like Udemy, or even the classes at the hobby center near your home. Therefore, when you are feeling blue, try to learn something new, for today’s skill can become tomorrow’s lifesaver.

Meditation Is Cool

Meditation is cool

There are many who think of meditation (or Dhyana, as we call it) as an excuse to snooze. Some of us took up Mudras and Dhyana as an experiment to cleanse the chakras. Today, it is an essential part of our routines that helps us tune out noise and negativity. Nothing ages us faster than our minds and nothing that can compare against Dhyana for mind-control. Lack of time is not an excuse – forget the snooze and make Dhyana a daily habit.


travel - no matter your age

A recent study of terminally ill patients showed that one of the biggest regrets people had was about not traveling. It need not be the ‘In’ destination and the best that money can buy. It could be a short trip to a nearby town. Our grandparents did it – braved the weather conditions and treacherous roads to Kedarnath. Connect with nature – the nearest beach or forest shelter offering ecotourism; this is the best route to feel younger.

Read More

Read more!

Books can take you to new places and worlds, to realms beyond imagination. It’s never too late to develop the habit of reading. A person who loves reading does not know boredom or unhappiness. And if reading is not easy, there are always audio books.

Invest In Your Health

Invest in health for better returns

No. We are not pitching our products here. We have other blog posts for that.

All we have to say is this: You feel younger when you are healthy. Take that regular checkup, train for that marathon, or enjoy that Zumba class. This is one journey that can prevent disease, make you fit, and help you build wonderful memories.

Sleep Well

Eight hours of sleep to feel young

Sleep debt and irregular sleep hours contribute to more than dark circles and wrinkles. Obesity, heart disease, and several other conditions have been linked to fewer sleep hours. Fitness experts and doctors recommend regular eight hours of sleep to revitalize your life.

Unblock Your Sunshine

Unblock your sunshine

Experts opine that there is nothing more mentally taxing than staying in a rut. For economic and other reasons, there are many 40-year olds today, who decide to ‘adjust’ with unhappy places and situations. There are many in the generation that gave a new meaning to ‘job hopping’, who feel that the life has dealt them an unfair hand. Rise above the feeling to reach new heights. Why be stuck between a rock and a hard place, when the world is your oyster?

This is a partial list of ideas shared by our experts. What is your favorite plan to stay young? Do let us know. To talk to our experts, you can write to or call 1800-102-4595.