Now, get Brainmap™ + WebNeuro™ + SMART™ SPORT at INR 10,000. You save INR 7,000! Use code BRAIN2014. Offer is valid until June 30, 2014.
What do you get out of it?
Three unique and innovative tests:
  •  Brainmap™ – A genetic test to assess neurological, psychiatric, and cognitive disorders.
  • WebNeuro™ – A web-based cognitive test, recognised as a gold standard. WebNeuro™ Focus for students and WebNeuro™ Wellness for adults are world-class tests that assess intelligence, emotions, and productivity.
  • SMART™ SPORT – Choose the best-fit sport for your child or fitness activity for you. All it takes is a simple DNA-based test.
 Individually, Brainmap™ alone costs INR 12,000, while SMART™ SPORT costs INR 3500, and WebNeuro™ costs INR 1500. Total amounts to INR 17,000. That is above 41% discount.
Get Brainmap™ + WebNeuro™ + SMART™ SPORT today! Write to or call 1800-102-4595.


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