Cod Liver Oil

The oil looks like liquid gold gel and the more common capsules look like pearls of trapped sunlight. But one whiff, forget taste, not many people can conquer their protesting olfactory system. Put it on your tongue and taste buds join the revolt. If we were to make a list of good things that look great but smell and taste awful, cod liver oil would top the list.

A quick look at the benefits before you dismiss this post:
1. Gives us Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Omega-3s, DHA, and EPA
2. Prevents many vitamin A and D deficiency diseases
3. Reduces triglyceride levels
4. Promotes cardio health
5. Combats early kidney diseases
6. Boosts brain health
7. Fights lupus
8. Alleviates symptoms of arthritis

One great supplement to think about. As with any health supplement, Mapmygenome urges you to consult with your physician before starting a course.