Cupid meets Genomepatri this Valentine’s – WOAH!!

A special day dedicated to your loved ones! One would argue, who needs a specific day but some people who have used 14 February as the reason to propose, gone out on their first date, had the first special romantic dinner may beg to differ! Barring all norms, the multi star studded movie “Valentine’s Day” released in 2012 made the world see that St.. Nick’s special day wasn’t just for couples. It celebrated love in every relation whether it be boyfriend-girlfriend or a mother and son.


With a special day comes the added responsibility of getting the perfect gift! All sorts of thoughts go through his and her mind……

Would it be the usual place or a new one?

What do men like? Eww…seriously?!

Would jewelry be a better option?

Let me get a nice no…Vest without a tie..Oh crap!

Should I get her flowers? or chocolates?…or both?!

How do I make it special?

Giving gifts is an accepted way of showing you care. But could one possibly put some thought and give their partner the “gift” of health. And believe us, it’s not weird at all. Borrowing a small note from our client diaries, we learnt this from some of our very thoughtful and sincere clients. Both who gifted, genetic tests to their loved ones on such special days.



Some say, first came love and then genetics! It’s quite similar to an egg vs chicken theory, but for the common man – what matters sometimes, is the result and not the story. Now, our love lives may inspire certain geneticists, but we can most certainly learn a lot from our genes!

Genetic compatibility is a thing – believe it or not! Read on to find out…

Do you remember …?

The next time he forgets to pick up your dry-cleaning or she cannot recall your favourite sport, do not go up in arms. Cut each other some slack, some fresh dessert and start complaining about those genes! A brilliant memory is not always a measure of how deep love (or hatred?) is. Did you know that certain genes (BDNF, COMT) innately affect the brain’s recall power? Yes, the hippocampus (this is where you put in all your memories) is regulated by some amazing mechanisms – that work 24X7 inside your head.

I told you so …

Ok, you are going to love this – genes can shatter gender stereotypes.

“She is not a good driver.”  “He cannot make decent cookie dough!”

Yes, genes. It is, really. Efficiency at daily tasks, new responsibilities, following instructions, etc have been boiled down to man-vs-woman roles for far too long now. Scientists decided to dig deeper – and discovered that learning skills are regulated by a DRD2 gene variant which can increase error rates, due to poor feedback regulation in the brain.

P.(M).S I Love You…

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome? Post-Morning Slump? When it comes to anxiety levels, guessing the right reason seems a no-brainer for most partners. However, there could be continuous periods of time, when you are stressed out for no apparent reason. This could result in depression, too.

Psychological adaptation to environment takes more than just an iron will.  Research shows that genetic influences can determine the onset of anxiety disorders. Also, women are twice as likely to suffer from depression/mood disorders, when compared with their male counterparts. So what’s the best thing to do…? Take control of your (and your partner’s) happiness quotient by doing more of what you love doing, together!

Never say never …

Relationships come with their fair share of strife and success.  Not every man is the perfect Romeo. Not every woman is the perfect Belle. The emotional dynamic between partners keeps evolving with time. Studies show that people with a certain COMT gene variant are more likely to charge through tough times, due to high resilience levels. On the other hand, those without a “devil-may-care” attitude are more likely to be empathetic at heart (read, “sensitive”).  When it comes to real life, maybe a conscious balance of both is required, for a happily-ever-after!

Wondering where you can find all these traits in one go?

Mapmygenome has a special product for this V-day! One that sums up nutrition, wellness and fitness. It includes several traits, diseases and inherited conditions. It lets you customize! You may personalize it to your partner’s requirements!


Belonging to the Genomepatri Family of products, Genomepatri Lite shares all the great features of our flagship product – “Genomepatri” and also brings more customization options to the table. This product covers a 100+ conditions grouped into 16 panels for easier understanding and consumer awareness. We should know how each condition is interlinked to other – panels are most helpful in such a scenario!

Out of the 16 panels, 5 panels are compulsory; namely – Cardio, Brain, Cancer, Diabetes and Lifestyle and are offered as the Basic Panel. In total, these 5 panels cover 65+ conditions. The Genomepatri Lite is unique in the way that it allows for unlocking of more panels (the remaining 9 panels – at a very nominal cost per panel) at a later date without the need for a fresh round of sampling and processing. You could simply unlock more panels by contacting us. You get the option to choose which other panels you would like to get depending on your needs and preferences for conditions that you would like your genomic data on – which truly ‘personalizes’ Genomepatri Lite. Didn’t we make it special already? Aren’t you falling for it a little bit…..

And, if all that doesn’t work we can always help you with some great pick up lines……

Baby you’re so hot…You denature my proteins!!


Baby I wish I was helicase…*can’t write here but it has something to do with genes and something to do with unzipping* 

Psst…Feel free to reach out to our highly creative(??) product manger if you want a lot more genetic pick up lines…be warned though – He is still a lonely little single guy, and the king of friendzone (so…the risk is yours!)

Genetic tests

Our comprehensive personal genomics test Genomepatri gives your genetic predisposition to 100 plus conditions, genetic counseling and an actionable recommendations report. If there is a family history and you are worried about inheriting a genetic risk, you can consult with our genetic counselors.

About the Authors


Dr. Pallavi Jain is part of the Scientific Team at Mapmygenome. She has a Bachelors Degree in Biochemistry with Genetics and a PhD in Molecular Medicine (UK). She recently completed an intensive course in IVF from Origio, Mumbai. She enjoys swimming and reading.

Rasika is the product specialist and scientific liaison for Mapmygenome’s personal genomics portfolio. With eight years of experience in sequencing, molecular biology, genetic data analysis and reporting, she currently works in the product team at Mapmygenome. Her key responsibilities include genomics product development, data curation, scientific content creation and management, data analysis and technical support for business development. Her key strength is a robust understanding of consumer genomics, including specialized areas such as pharmacogenomics, nutrigenomics and sports genomics. Rasika is also a certified group fitness trainer and Pilates (Balanced Body) Mat instructor.