Merck- From Pharmacy to  an incredible Science and Technology company,

As the harbinger of future,

Brought together a Conference of the world’s research minds in plenty,

To Focus on curiosity, not merely a watcher.


A family-owned business for 350 years, my brain strolled to ponder,

As I heard principles of governance, not defined in a book,

Ownership and management demarcated, created this wonder,

To create a legacy, not a short-term outlook.


5 Nobel laureates and more fascinating speakers opened our minds,

As neurons ignited and connections formed,

They delved into the realms of the known and unknown,

To wonder how our lives have transformed.

Fighting cancer with immunotherapies or think about nanomaterials,

As we heard many fantastic lectures and eposters,

About Organs on a chip and pandemic preparedness,

To perhaps something even more CRisper?


Beautiful structures of everyday molecules made me think,

As chemistry becomes art when you can see,

Open up your imagination to all things molecular,

To augment and think or maybe just be.


Robots as aids to the human body developing on our mind,

As thoughts turn into action,

Bionic limbs, paralysis removed and the joy of movement,

To look at a future with a smile as a reaction.


When weather forecasting inspires disease prediction,

As early warning signals inspired by thermodynamics,

Data searching for models and theory in rapid progression,

To help us understand developing futuramics.


Beautiful molecular machines in operatic movement,

As was explained so simply,

My mind was open to ideas, and reminded,

To do our own thing.


Amidst the chaos of the world lies the beauty of simplicity,

As the wit and humour continued to amuse,

Simple to design, make, learn, use, interpret and use,

To be simple, stackable and not obtuse.


Science about Magical presentiments and clairvoyance change our perception,

As we extend our mind,

A quantum leap into quantum entanglement,

To spread our mind and locate consciousness.


What are life and the future of our mind?

As I step outside those thought boxes as an experiencer,

I hope that we all believe in a  creative future and of course,

To getting curiouser and curiouser.

About the Author: 

Anu Acharya

Ms. Anu Acharya

CEO of Mapmygenome India Limited, a genomics company whose vision is to touch a million lives using genomics.

She is a Co-Founder of Ocimum Biosolutions, which she led as the CEO (2000-March 2013).

She is a distinguished alumna of IIT Kharagpur. She has two Postgraduate degrees in Physics and MIS from the University of Illinois.


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