Demonetization- Bring the change you want to see

I have been reading articles about how the bright pink Rs 2000 note was being ignored by consumers, shopkeepers and just about everyone around us during these days of demonetization. I thought it was a little unfair, so we wanted to come up what consumers can actually buy for Rs 2000. Our parliamentarians discussed this, news anchors have been trying to buy something and so on.

While everyone is running helter-skelter for change, I was thinking of a famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi- “Be the change you wish to see in this world”.


This scrambling for change brought our team together to come up with how we at Mapmygenome could help. With almost no pocket change to spend, I am assuming that people have saved up some money possibly. Many of us have stood in queues and have been exhausted- especially those who are not in the pink of their health. So perhaps we can do something to ease this pain- not only for now… but for a long time to come.


The bright new Rs 2000 note
No longer abandoned in your wallet
or in an empty tote
If you want to Bring the change
you want to see
Know Yourself for 50% free.


While a Genomepatri may still be a little steep ( watch out for announcements this month), we slashed the prices for a Slimgene by 50% to allow you to get one this month.

Just bring us the Rs 2000 and you can bring the change in your life- and possibly to those around you.

And yes we are coming up with some exciting offers for Genomepatri as well- with a lot of cashless options like credit card, paytm, Amex loyalty points, 0% EMI and much more.

I think if you want to look and feel your best this coming new year, there is no better way that to #KnowYourself.


Genetic Tests Available

Our comprehensive personal genomics test Genomepatri gives your genetic predisposition to 100 plus conditions, genetic counseling and an actionable recommendations report. If there is a family history and you are worried about inheriting a genetic risk, you can consult with our genetic counselors.

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