Disruptor Daily: Top 25 Biotech Influencers to Watch on Twitter

Mapmygenome CEO Anu Acharya is among the top 25 Biotech Influencers to Watch on Twitter, according to Disruptor Daily. Here’s what they have to say:

Anu Acharya is the CEO of Mapmygenome, an Indian molecular diagnostics company leveraging state of the art DNA sequencing methods and SNP – single nucleotide polymorphisms – genotyping  to diagnose complex genetic disorders and screen for genetic predispositions. The increasing ability to study DNA and draw medical conclusions is invaluable, and Acharya has ample expertise in the field, having also founded Bioinformatics company Ocimum Biosolutions in 2000 and served as CEO until 2013. She was named a “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum in 2011, and also served on the organization’s Global Agenda Council of Personalized and Precision Medicine, making her what we like to call ‘a big deal’. She also spends plenty of time writing about Biotech-related topics, as well as speaking at forums, conferences, and summits helping educate the broader world about the value of genomics. Nearly 60,000 followers tune in to get Acharya’s opinions on what to pay attention to when it comes to development in Biotech, specifically the realm of genomics.


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