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Keto. Paleo. WeightWatchers’. SoyLent. Atkin’s.

Yes you’ve heard of them, probably even tried out a couple. Maybe they worked for you, maybe they didn’t. Did you know though, that these famous diets are but a tiny sliver from the big giant cake of fad diets through the ages?

In this 2 part series, we go through fad diets dating back to the 1800s, when starchy foods were the golden food for weight management all the way to the carb-restricted keto, paleo and Mediterranean diets that gained popularity in recent years. Then we take it further to present the diet of the future. The diet that works for YOU.

You can read all about that here but before you do…Trust me you’d want to check out this timeline. Did you know there was a diet that advocated smoking? Or one that involved heavy doses of sleeping pills? Oh!! And then there was a diet of baby food and nothing but!!

Read on…

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Udbhav RelanUdbhav Relan is a member of the Mapmygenome gene pool, having joined us after completing his MSc in Biotechnology and Enterprise from University of Manchester (UK). He loves hitting the gym regularly and going on biking trips. When he isn’t working, he can be found either in a nature reserve – clicking away to his heart’s content, or strumming his guitar trying to ape his childhood heroes – Metallica, but mostly he would be found in a bar, cheering on Manchester United while chugging down gallons of…Green tea (Hey! He’s a fitness freak!)


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