GENE-uine Tips for Post Diwali Detox


As Diwali, the festivals of lights, sounds and colours draws to a close, it’s time to look back onto your biological needs and get back to your normal routine. Your body will probably be screaming for cleansing and recovery.

Here are some GENE-uinely great tips for the best post-Diwali detox! 

PUFA: Genetic variation in the FADS1 gene will cause dysregulation in the overall PUFA blood levels. So choose the right and healthy fats for boosting your brain health, energy conversion and vitamin absorption. 

Antioxidants: If you have variation in SOD2 gene, your body will lose its capacity to detoxify and may not be able to repair/recover quickly. Understanding your genetic makeup will help you understand your antioxidant requirements and prevent oxidative stress and damage. 

Skin: This Diwali, your skin might have gone through a lot of stress due to various festivities. Understand your DNA to know your predisposition oxidative stress, cellular damage, and premature ageing. 

Nutrigenomics: The festival of lights done and dusted, it’s time now to get back to a healthy diet and routine. A healthy diet is one which fits your biological needs. Understand your genetic predisposition and eat wise. DNA-wise!

Diwali Detox Tips

How Can Mapmygenome Help You:

At Mapmygenome, our focus is on proactively leading a healthy life, by discovering the best-suited action plans. Through DNA-based predictive risk assessment, an individual can learn how to eat right, exercise right and adapt to a healthier lifestyle. As the pioneer of personal genomics in India, Mapmygenome has carved out a niche for personalizing health, wellness, nutrition, fitness and medicine. By assessing the variations in people’s DNA, we at Mapmygenome are able to create personalized health plans, like never before. Understanding your genetic framework, biological requirements, strengths, and weaknesses is of paramount importance in our quest to move towards a more personalized, predictive, preventive, and participatory healthcare wellness regime.

A comprehensive wellness assessment like Genomepatri will give an insight into your weaknesses, immunity, drug efficiency, genetic predisposition to specific health conditions, and helps in pre-empting most of these risks. It is an once-in-a-lifetime, painless, simple saliva-based test that scans your DNA for variations which give you insights into how you’re built, right down to the molecular level; MyFitGene can help you personalize your physical training and diet while understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your body; MyNutriGene, can help you choose the ideal diet profile best suited to your biology; Medicamap will help you choose the right drug that’s most effective and least toxic; all based on the information from you hold about yourself on your DNA.

The insights gleaned from the analysis of your genome, coupled with a comprehensive genetic counselling session with our certified experts will aid in the development of a highly personalized and effective plan of action built keeping your genetic uniqueness/individuality at the centre.

Alternatively, you can visit our website or write to us at or call us at 1800 102 4595.


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