In the midst of #demonetization, Remonetize your health

In the midst of #demonetization, Remonetize your health

During the last 2 weeks since the demonetization has been announced, my entertainment has been the Parliament as I watch the debates, tweets and more. But this time, I am doing this differently- on an elliptical machine or a treadmill. With all the noise and din, one can barely hear anything anyway- they keep me company in my pursuit to reach my health goals and release endorphins and help me melt the excess fat away. Simultaneously, we restarted our fitness classes at Mapmygenome for our team which is awesome as everyone is involved in this drive.

I was the first person to get a Genomepatri 4 years ago and I have made several lifestyle changes that have become part of my daily life, but constant travel and work meant that I was leaving one thing out occasionally at first, more often lately- “the workout”. And yes those fun filled weekends did not help.

And so I got an updated Genomepatri. In the latest update that I got recently, I was pushed into more action. Seriously…..

It came with all kinds of interesting data on Vitamins, resilience, PUFA levels, my eating habits, antioxidants and so much more. It is also much more colorful and easy to use. So I wanted to remonetize my health. And yes- the weighing machine wasn’t helping either. I suppose getting older has its own advantages and disadvantages. As I understood the additional data points and met the genetic counselor, I was convinced that I can be smarter in managing my own health.


There is twitter and there’s chatter,

but few things that really matter

when everyone around you,

is an economist with nothing to say,

and watching the country’s elected,

is the most amusing play.

I did some soul searching,

and the Genomepatri did say,

That I can be Anu 2 ( a new me).

so I searched through scrabble,

beyond the bubbles and babbles,

and came to the conclusion,

to reduce my confusion,

forget the demonetization,

let me remonetize my health.


One of the best things I have in my office is an elliptical machine- I take phone calls on it, check my emails and occasionally have meetings- much to the amusement of my team.

Some things are genetic – well actually most are…..

I have realized that while one cannot change the core of oneself- like I can’t or don’t want to change myself, I can change how I do things if I know why I do it.

It is easier to change habits once you #KnowYourself. So if you want to remonetize your health, I suggest that you get a #Genomepatri from

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