As soon as the cold air touches your skin, messes your hair, cracks your lips – what do you do? You pull out a shawl, look for a hot cuppa and some munchies to gobble it down! With all the extra layers of clothes you wear – who will worry about what you weigh? A small slice of apple pie, a little extra cream in the hot chocolate, a few marshmallows here and there –  hot nibbles are everywhere! Who feels like getting up early when that blanket feels so cosy? The Asian subcontinent may not get a white christmas, but no one (and we mean no one) can do without some treats! Indians, in particular  relish ‘desi ghee based gajar (carrot) ka halwa”; hot jalebis and kesar (saffron) milk.


January comes in like clockwork every year – filled with guilt, extra chub and resolutions of losing those extra pounds! Let’s dare to change the pattern a bit this time? Let’s face the facts before we give ourselves to sugar? We know it’s a festive thing, start of the new year, time to party, loosen things up, forget those diets and early morning walks – but it isn’t the end of the world or life. It’s just the start of a 365 day journey around the sun 🙂


Why not try and understand our cravings a bit, become aware of our body’s mechanism and have fun with no regrets? Let’s start simple and get some bad/lazy habits out of the way……….

Winters - DO-DON'T-AVOID (6)

Winters - DO-DON'T-AVOID (5)

Winters - DO-DON'T-AVOID (4)

Today, there is ample information available where one can learn about their genetic make up and plan their lifestyle accordingly! Why not take a step in embracing that technology instead of a box of cupcakes! A small test costs about the same 🙂 (price compared to a box of 12/24 brownies or cupcakes)

Mapmygenome offers a personalized genetic test for 4000 INR only!  This product deals exclusively with weight management by analyzing genes involved with:


Sateity Levels


Fat storage

Absorption of fats

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Sensitivity to fat intake

Muscle type

Slimgene provides crucial information for designing an individual’s weight management program of any individual. It would help you prescribe the best suited diet for a person to maintain an ideal weight, improve metabolism, regulate diet habits by taking into account the above mentioned factors. It truly smartens up the approach to weight management. Taking in the spirit of new year, discount coupons (up to 44% off!!) and free genetic counseling sessions are available for all!

Harping in on the Christmas fun we all had…


Jingle Bell! Jingle Bell!

Jingle all the Way!

Oh! What fun would it be!

To #knowyourself “MORE” today..!!!!

About the Author


Dr. Pallavi Jain is part of the Scientific Team at Mapmygenome. She has a Bachelors Degree in Biochemistry with Genetics and a PhD in Molecular Medicine (UK). She recently completed an intensive course in IVF from Origio, Mumbai. She enjoys swimming and reading.




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