This World No Tobacco Day, we launch a new test to assess genetic risk for lung cancer and nicotine dependence. The Lung Cancer and Nicotine Dependence Test is available from May 31, 2014.
We all know about the strong link between lung cancer and exposure to tobacco smoke.  This disease affects not only tobacco smokers, but also many passive smokers. Now, it easy to understand the inherited and acquired genetic risk to lung cancer.
We understand that it is not easy to stop smoking. Our test helps you understand what role your genes play in developing the smoking habit, by understanding your predisposition to nicotine dependence. While genetic predisposition cannot be changed, other factors are far more easy to control. Therefore, we say that our test offers the best motivation for smoking cessation.  So, go ahead and take this test before you plan to quit smoking.
Take the Lung Cancer & Nicotine Dependence Test today! Call 1800-102-4595, write to, or visit


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