Compiling, a review for 2018 that is about to fade,
Within whose memories lie so many new starts,
Rich additions to our product portfolio made,
 Innovative products with the consumer in our hearts.
LIMS and more
Enhanced, and upgraded our secure LIMS,
A joy to enrich and enhance more lives,
That automation & innovation without whims
Our team always takes it in their strides.
Block-chain, Genetic Counselling
Block-chain, to secure privacy issues might,
Make our aim to secure data more pronounced,
Our new website is on the cards alright,
Partnerships for GCs, and more announced.
Vitamins, Supplements
Eat, vitaminize, train, personalised to your genes,
Those dietary supplements may need tweaking,
Tablets, proteins or simply greens,
Fear no unknown, its knowledge you are seeking.
The dilemma, around food and fitness my friends,
With Carbohydrates, proteins & fats, make amends,
People metabolise differently,  on genes it depends,
Clear advice & recommendations, Myfitgene sends.
Sports Genomics
Partnered, to become the genomics partner,
Certified personal training courses for coaches,
Empowering health for fitness coaches,
And a partner to a state government for sports.
Thinking, when it comes to our brains, it is said,
Not just genetics, lifestyle but also state of mind,
If your existing circumstances have you mislead,
With Genomepatri, brain solutions you will find.
Profiling, your drug responses is always good,
You never know when the situation may arise,
Novel associations added as one should,
With guidelines like CPIC, it complies.
Sequencing, DNA next-generation style,
Be it single, double or multi-gene,
The prices are gonna drop in a while,
Exomes, & genomes we analyse, we are that keen.
Employee Productivity
For those wanting, to make their teams strong,
DNA stories and health solutions exist for all,
Fitness and wellness benefits lifelong,
Boost productivity with prevention, for long haul.
AI and ML
Flying, with delight in the research end,
Pioneering research with Indian data sets,
Machine learning so deep that it will surely bend,
Diagnosis, treatment and drug development.
Events and awards
Genomics,  impacts millions across the world,
Forbes trailblazers amongst the glittering awards,
Featured in Nature magazine &more, unfurled,
Are some of Mapmygenome’s satisfying rewards.
Notes, understanding what Indians may value,
Proclaim Mapmygenome’s desire,
Then languages, like Hindi, Bengali and Telugu,
For a genetic test, they may require.
Education, about genetic disorders, health & more,
Can be found on the Mapmygenome blog,
About DNA and precision medicine galore,
We appreciate your feedback and dialogue.
Teas, we love that can energise and prevent,
Increase your metabolism or boost immunity,
Towards a life of well- being, with colours & scents,
Along a liquid path to building a healthy community.
New feats, now on the front burner,
Along with plenty of hope and aspiration,
Welcome the sharp eye of the discern-er,
This coming year will further strengthen our foundation.
Happy 2019



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