Nutrigenomics – Doorway to Personalized Diets


We are currently living in times where there’s a continuous race to learn and invent new things. Technology is ever-expanding and mankind is more in a race towards commercial way of life than ever.  In a period where a prescription has turned into the new nourishment, a portion of the food from the fields of commerce and industry, it all boils down to our own individual selves who should separate the good from the bad. If there’s one thing we ought to give a thought to on any given day, its food and the very value of it. For, our attachment to it, to all its modern-day commercial and chemical value is, a democracy committed to valuing human and individual rights – the right to live, the right to eat.

Our ancestors and the lives precedent to them were fully aware of the intriguing relationship between food and genes on human health. That’s where Nutrigenomics comes into the picture. It relates to the application of life sciences for an understanding of relations between genes and nutrients. Nutrigenomics will help customizing your diet as per your DNA. What goes down comfortably inside you may never run smooth in others. Geographical location of an individual’s growing up will have a say in his/her daily food choices, but at a molecular level, it is our DNA which dictates everything!!

Nutrigenomics has the following advantages.

  • Dietary Reactions: Through Nutrigenomics, you can know the way your body reacts to the foods that you take and helps you in understanding the risk for adverse reactions.  
  • Eating Behaviours: You can know the type of satiety your genetic makeup is inclined to; feeling full, longing for chocolates and delicacies, irritability to wheat products and many more.
  • Metabolic health factors: You can know how your diet affects your sugar levels in the blood, cholesterol levels and if you are at a danger of acquiring lifestyle diseases earlier than ever.
  • Nutritional Needs: You can know the type of vitamins and minerals in your foods to be optimized.


The food and diet we regularly take has more value to it than just fueling our bodies. Your genetic material, anthropometry, cardiorespiratory function, metabolism etc stands unique to your personal self. Your DNA creates a certain roadmap to the kind of foods you should eat – Your unique and ideal diet plan! Of late, the science of nutrigenomic science has been presaged as having the prospect of being “the next big thing in our fight against lifestyle-linked diseases”. 

Amidst the hustle and bustle of corporate science, the question still remains pertinent. Is nutrigenomic science worthy an interest? To make you understand the question clearly, here are a few facts about Nutrigenomics.

  • As a whole system approach, it analyses the bond between what we eat, how we react to a disease and the molecules between them.
  • Nutrigenomics is a device for identifying the risk of disease and progression.
  • Nutrigenomic approaches are relevant to a variety of conditions – linking obesity, gut microbiota and mental health; striking a relationship between specific nutrient intake and disease.
  • Nutrigenomics can be anchored to assist to provide personalized interventions.
  • Helps to put in place food diaries for recording the input of nutrients.

The Bottom Line:

As noticeable and apparent as it is from the above, Nutrigenomics will play a vital role in the health and wellness of an individual in the coming future. A genetic test for this will help you extensively analyze what foods suit you on the basis of your genetic profile. It will also help you understand your health and weight management objectives. 

After all, this is the era for food to get a bit more personalized and intimately connected to each one of us. This is the era of Nutrigenomics. This is the era of YOU.

How Does Mapmygenome Help You?

At Mapmygenome, we have carved out a niche for personalizing health, wellness, nutrition, fitness and medicine. We as pioneers of personal genomics in India believe that food has the power to transform our lives.

With our screening test MyNutriGene, you can choose the ideal diet profile best suited to your biology. MyNutriGene will also give you an insight into your immunity, genetic predisposition to specific health conditions, and choose optimal health plans to pre-empt most of these risks. Our test will also help you learn about your metabolism, fat/carbohydrate response, food intolerance, and eating behaviour.

The insights gleaned from the analysis of your genome, coupled with a comprehensive genetic counselling session with our certified experts will aid in the development of a highly personalized and effective plan of action built keeping your genetic uniqueness/individuality at the centre. Alternatively, you can visit our website or write to us at or call us at 1800 102 4595.


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