Not very long ago, I was invited to the Startup India event on 16th January 2016. We had to submit a 1 minute video in preparation for it within 2 days. Being a startup, that is the pace at which we work and we had the video that you see above – ready in 24 hours.

On the 16th during the StartupIndia event, I had two panels- One on healthcare and the other with the Prime Minister and other startups and dignitaries in the concluding session. In the concluding session, we were given exactly 2 minutes to speak or the deadly ‘gong’ would go off. I kept it short with a touch of poetry – a mutated version of Bob Marley’s song “Get Up Stand Up” as that was the song that kept playing in my head when I heard of “Startup Stand Up”.


Here are a few lines from that 2 minute talk.

Startup stand up, stand up for your right.

Startup stand up, don’t give up the fight.

Doubting me -don’t tell me what to do,

Perhaps you don’t know what my disruptions really can do.

And while India’s history has been laced with gold,

We’ll tell a story that has never been told before.

So, now you see a light, Aye

stand up for your right.

stand up for your right.


Here is a link to my talk on CNBC

Anuradha Acharya MapMyGenomeAnuradha Acharya of MapMyGenome tells us why she started the company and what are her hopes from #StartupIndia

Posted by CNBC-TV18 on Saturday, 16 January 2016

Ok and now why I chose the heading- Once we entered Vigyan Bhawan that day, so much was happening that I couldn’t have lunch as our health care panel was at 2 pm and ended around 330- 4ish. And then I was rushed into the hall- shoved is a better word though. Once you were in, you couldn’t get out. I was sitting on the stairs and then finally got a seat- perks of speaking at a conference.

By the time we were called on stage, I was starving. I could listen to my inner voice- “Rumblings in my stomach”. But I was excited as usual and gave my little talk that you just saw above ( assuming that you clicked on the link). I was hoping to start with “Stay hungry- stay foolish” But the little voice reminded me what I was there for, and so I started with Ayurveda.

And then the selfie moment

I usually never take selfies even though I love taking pictures on vacations and end up being the family photographer. I thought that the term “selfie” was created by a couple of my friends who constantly took “selfies” during a trip that we went together a couple of years ago. That year “selfie” became the word of the year. I was amazed and attributed them to this popularity of the word.

And yet- That day, I did ask the Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for a selfie. My selfie wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough.

The next day- Almost everyone in India and online got it- in every newspaper – on the front page.

My team quickly put together snippets at

Good story right – Now read the pitch 🙂

And my sales pitch

Our health, habits, physiology, and psyche have a strong hereditary component, whose information is coded in our genome, the DNA sequence that forms the building block of our cells. While 99.99% of the genome is same for all humans – the 0.01% that varies from person to person is the key to all the diversity among humans.

Advances in technology and genetics have made it possible to study genetic variants at specific locations on the DNA that can affect health and wellbeing. Mapmygenome are pioneers of this technology, called personal genomics, in India. With a simple swab of saliva, we can give you a complete profile of your genetic predisposition to health and lifestyle. While the genetic component does not change, factors like environment, habits, and lifestyle can be modified to mitigate any genetic risks. Our genetic counselors explain the report to you, correlate this information with your health history, and formulate a preventive action plan that works for you.

You can choose a personal genomics solution based on your health goals. Genomepatri, a comprehensive health profile, gives your genetic predisposition to 100+ health conditions, physiological traits, lifestyle, beauty and response to drugs. SlimGene is a personalized weight management solution that enables you to look beyond calories to chart out diet plans that consider your genetic predisposition to obesity, fat storage, appetite, eating habits, satiety levels, diet pattern, sporting prowess, and endurance. For more information, you can visit,

write to, or call 1800-102-4595.


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