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Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health is as important as physical health. Here's to more awareness, less stigma. Here's to more conversations, less fear.

Facts about the Nipah Virus: Infographic

Did you get all the facts right about the Nipah virus infection? Our genetic counsellor has created this infographic to make things easier.

जन्मपत्री और जिनोम पत्री

Find out how Genomepatri can help you transform your health and lifestyle. Watch this video (in Hindi).

Pancreatic cancer awareness

Best known for its vital role in producing insulin and controlling glucose metabolism, the pancreas also plays an important role in the digestion process....

Lung Cancer Awareness: Why take that puff?

With a high mortality and a low survival rate, lung cancer is one of the vilest cancers. Often associated with smoking, the leading cause,...

Dyslexia Awareness – The letters like dancing!

A child begins its journey of learning from the mother’s womb. Instances of the child reacting to sounds and voices of the mother and...

Breast Cancer Awareness

When we have a complex system functioning tirelessly and endlessly, it is bound to falter at some point. This faltering leads to an imbalance...

Personal Genomics: The Future of Healthcare?

Personal genomics allows detection and management of risk factors for common, complex diseases such as schizophrenia and type II diabetes, and for rare Mendelian...

“Bust”ing some myths about Breast Cancer

October was observed as the breast cancer awareness month. As we were flooded with queries, here is some relevant information on this condition. Every...