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Prevention is better than Cure

This is an oft-repeated, oft-mentioned idiom that we have been hearing ever since we were children – from our teachers, from our elders and...

Decoding The Pink Ribbon : Breast Cancer Awareness

October is famous for many reasons...beautiful weather, fall season, the Oktoberfest, music festivals in Malawi, human tower formation in Spain, book fairs in Germany...

Beyond BRCA and the Angelina Jolie Effect

BRCA genes for breast and ovarian cancer are well known, thanks to Angelina Jolie. However, there are many genes impact risk for cancer.

World Cancer Day: Facebook Live session!

“The revolution in cancer research can be summed up in a single sentence: cancer is, in essence, a genetic disease.” —Bert Vogelstein Cancer. Surprising how...

Pancreatic cancer awareness

Best known for its vital role in producing insulin and controlling glucose metabolism, the pancreas also plays an important role in the digestion process....

Prostate cancer awareness

The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland, wrapped around the urethra and is found only in males. It is located in the pelvis and has...

“Bust”ing some myths about Breast Cancer

October was observed as the breast cancer awareness month. As we were flooded with queries, here is some relevant information on this condition. Every...

Know Yourself with Mapmygenome

I am 28 years old and born into a Sikh family. I don’t smoke and I seldom drink alcohol except for the celebratory glass...

Breast Cancer and BRCA 1/2 Full Gene Testing

Breast cancer is one of the most dreadful conditions to affect many women globally. It is a silent killer that accounts for approximately 25%...

BRCA test ( BRCAMap)



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