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List of tests while undergoing a pregnancy

Although getting pregnant is a wonderful experience for most women, it can become daunting with all that time spent at the doctor’s clinic. It...

Genomics and Genetic Testing Overview: A Comprehensive List of Genomic Tests

Genetic tests analyse the DNA. Genetic tests can not only confirm or rule out diagnosis of disease, but also determine the chances of being affected by a disease later in life or passing on the abnormal genes to the progeny.

Even Miracles take a little Time! : Conceive to Believe!

Cinderella’s fairy Godmother, although magical, took to careful planning while sending our favourite Disney princess to the ball.  A horse drawn carriage was made...

Your (Pre)Baby Sojourn: Time to learn, burn and earn!

Most women would love a perfect family plan that goes like this - have a baby boy and baby girl (you know you want...

Press Release: Mapmygenome Launches Babymap Carrier & Newborn Screening

Hyderabad, May 17, 2016: Mapmygenome India launched a carrier and newborn screening test called BabymapTM on May 16, 2016. Recommended for newborns, expecting parents,...