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Autoimmunity : Causes, Mechanism and how it affects COVID outcomes

We are often exposed to many pathogens (bacteria, viruses etc.), yet sometimes don't get affected or fall ill. This is due to...

Know Your Immunity Genes : HLA

Immunity is the most complex and life-saving mechanism in humans. One of the primary functions of the immune system is to defend...

Food & Supplements : Do They Lower Risk Of Infection?

Today, some of the most pressing questions about health are - How can I boost my immunity? Should I take supplements? How...

The role of your GENES in fighting COVID-19

Who is at risk for COVID-19? Medical experts and agencies such as the CDC have stated that people with...

Covid Series of Blogs, Videos, Diet Tips & Poems

Covid has completely shaken our world. So many lives lost across the world especially Italy, Spain, USA and China. So many of...

Cytokine storm syndrome worsens COVID-19 outcomes

COVID-19 (or coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) infection) is a pandemic of our times, with thousands of new cases being reported every day. According to some reports, the severity of the infection is greater in patients who experience an aggravated immune system response known as the ‘cytokine storm’

The pandemic of our times – COVID-19 – Infographics

Understanding your genetic predisposition & keeping ourselves healthy with a strong immune system is the best defence possible for most diseases.

An upcoming Covid 19 Risk & Immunity report for all Genomepatri...

An upcoming Covid 19 Risk & Immunity report for all Genomepatri customers

Immunity With Limited Rations: Chickpeas To The Rescue

Chickpeas, chana, or garbanzo beans can help boost our immunity. This filling and versatile ingredient can keep disease away.

Covid: To test or not to test, is that a question?

Anu Acharya, CEO Mapmygenome This is my fourth article on Covid19. I would like to start with offering...