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Top 5 Lifestyle Disorders : Do Genes Play A Role?

The prevalence of lifestyle disorders has rapidly risen in the population (young and old), especially in the last few decades. As the...

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health is as important as physical health. Here's to more awareness, less stigma. Here's to more conversations, less fear.

World Mental Health Day: What do genes have to do with...

Psychiatric illnesses are complex with multiple genetic variants, environmental and lifestyle risk factors. Learn more about the role of family history and how genetic counseling can help those at risk.

Over 50 Shades of Grey: Understanding Depression

Most of us lead stressful lives that require us to keep up with fast-paced schedules at work and home. We are finding it exceedingly...

World Health Day 2017: Emotional Resilience To Fight Depression

This World Health Day, let us all resolve to fight depression. In our fight to prevent or manage depression, our resilience levels have a significant role to play. This post shares self-care tips to build emotional resilience.

Demonetization contd. – RBI and ATM

It's been close to 40 days since demonetization was announced by the government. The number of ATMs that disburse cash has reduced to 13%...

Messing up the ‘GREEN’ : Affects our Genes?

Source BACKGROUND : Green Environment - Clean Environment! You see it everywhere, and hence naturally assume that it refers to trees and plants. But does...

Stress on STRESS

“We work better under pressure”                                      ...

Depression in Children: Angels in Trouble

We say innocence is untouched by worry, it does not know concern. It is hidden from the world’s troubles, protected by the calm. However,...

Stress in Children: Preventive Measures

With swelling amounts of homework, competitive exams, subject choices, and child geniuses in today’s world, the stress of school life is slowly increasing. Some...


Protein and Fiber

Hereditary Hemochromatosis