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From Our Experts: It’s In YOU

Dr. Risha Nahar Lulla, Principal Genetic Counselor and Pharmacogenomics Expert at Mapmygenome, writes on the importance of genetics in our daily lives.

It’s in the genes – mapmygenome.in featured in The Week

Mapmygenome offers genetic tests that will tell you what diseases you are prone to Would you like to know how prone you are to alcoholism,...

India’s Mapmygenome Rolls Out Genomepatri Lite to Expand Consumer Genomics Menu

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Indian consumer genomics company Mapmygenome has introduced a newer, scaled-down version of its Genomepatri test to reach more customers. The company...

The Mother of All Issues: Fertility

India has a population of 1,300, 212, 602 this year, with thousands of new births every second. Then who would believe, ‘around 15 percent...

Women Ahead – the power of our choices

The biggest takeaway from a personal genomics test is the power of choice. While your genes, environment, and lifestyle are key factors that contribute...