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A Healthy Lifestyle is a Happy Lifestyle

How much weight have you gained in the past 6 months? What is the reason for your weight gain? When I ask these questions, most...

From Our Experts: Fasting Tips For Navaratri

Our Nutrition Expert, Dr. G.S. Kochar shares tips for fasting healthy during the Navaratri season.

March’s Wish: Get Nutri-licious!

While following any kind of diet/rules, it is important to take small steps towards change. A drastic lunge could derail your efforts in the longer run! You are human, so are your needs and cravings. Experts in the field of Nutrigenetics anticipated this need much earlier and hence started working on a branch of science that slowly personalized nutrition to one’s distinctive DNA.

Stress in Children: Preventive Measures

With swelling amounts of homework, competitive exams, subject choices, and child geniuses in today’s world, the stress of school life is slowly increasing. Some...