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5 Tips for Lockdown 5.0 : Exercise Right for Better Immunity

Lockdown 5.0 - a partial lockdown? Workspaces are open while the metro rail is not. The shops are open but gyms are...

Sprint & Power-based workout – Infographic

Unravelling your DNA can tell you your muscle type (power vs endurance) and help you choose the workout best suited for you....

Exercise Regimes for The Senior Citizens and Ageing Adults

An appropriate senior-citizen fitness program must focus on elevating the participants’ functional fitness, rather than aesthetics. Senior citizens exhibit key health concerns that can be alleviated by exercise-based interventions.

Health For All: Let Us E2E (Effort To Exercise)!

It's time to appreciate that good health is a way of life. Make sure regular exercise is a part of your lifestyle!

I Know How You Lost Weight Last Summer!!!

“If you squeeze some lime into your cup of green tea, you can absorb iron better.” I stared at the computer screen and realized...

Type 2 Diabetes and Exercise

Physical activity benefits everyone, but it is especially advantageous to diabetic people. There are three different types of exercise schedules recommended for diabetics. Choosing the right combination is the key to staying fit.

My Experiences with Yoga: Anu Acharya

This blog is a summary of Anu Acharya's experiences with Yoga.