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PUFA “n” MUFA : the Ω Hoo- Haa!!

When it comes to nutritional supplements, there is one chant everywhere! Omega! Omega! Omega! Every drugstore, every shop, every nutritionist/consultant/dietitian prescribes it! Its benefits are...

Cholesterol: The Good, The Bad (And The Ugly?)

Although it is not feasible to prevent causes that lead to the advancement of atherosclerosis, a few of them like low cancer incidence can be controlled by taking food products rich in whole-wheat bread, fruits, nuts and vegetables. Other preferred dietary products are omega-3 fatty acids and phenol compounds like apples, citrus fruits, berries, and mangoes etc.

A Healthy Lifestyle is a Happy Lifestyle

How much weight have you gained in the past 6 months? What is the reason for your weight gain? When I ask these questions, most...