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Main Nahi Maakhan Khayo

Butter has been part of the Indian diet for millennia. Today, nutritionists recommend inclusion of small amounts of butter in the diet.

Ramadan: Blessed Foods

This Ramadan, make sure to include these healthy food choices that are considered blessed according to The Holy Qu'ran.

Nutrigenomics And You

Nutrigenomics looks at the interaction between our diet and habits and how they affect genes for metabolism, development, and wellness.

Add Salads To Every Meal

The Salad is a dish made up of fragments of food, which may be mixed with a sauce or seasoning depending on its recipe...

Experts Speak: Obesity.

According to latest statistics, India is the second worst country affected by obesity & diabetes. In a family of 4, two or three of them...

March’s Wish: Get Nutri-licious!

While following any kind of diet/rules, it is important to take small steps towards change. A drastic lunge could derail your efforts in the longer run! You are human, so are your needs and cravings. Experts in the field of Nutrigenetics anticipated this need much earlier and hence started working on a branch of science that slowly personalized nutrition to one’s distinctive DNA.

January Gene – Please don’t be mean!

As soon as the cold air touches your skin, messes your hair, cracks your lips - what do you do? You pull out a...

Go Vegan!

The recent surge in fitness and health awareness has made exercise an integral part of our daily lives. But rigorous workouts aren’t for everyone...