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Medicamap: Pharmacogenetic Testing To Guide Cardiovascular Therapy

Learn how Medicamap can enhance patient safety while improving outcomes in cardiovascular treatments.

Top 5 Lifestyle Disorders : Do Genes Play A Role?

The prevalence of lifestyle disorders has rapidly risen in the population (young and old), especially in the last few decades. As the...

జీనోమ్ పత్రి మరియు మీరు

త్వరిత పరిశీలన: ప్రపంచంలోని వేగవంతమైన మహిళలలో ఒకరైన ఫ్లోరెన్స్ జాయ్నర్, ఒకసారి ఇలా అన్నారు, “ఒక కండరం కారు లాంటిది. అది సరిగా పనిచేయాలంటే ,...

Lifestyle Disorders – Venous Thromboembolism

Cardiovascular diseases are a group of diseases that affect the heart and blood vessels. Cardiovascular diseases that involve blood vessels are termed...

Haemophilia and The Genes

Haemophilia is a congenital disorder and it can’t be prevented. Genetic counseling can help you understand your risks, enabling you to make informed choices.

DNA OncoScreen – A Comprehensive Cancer Screen

DNA OncoScreen is India's most comprehensive cancer test with genetics, biochemistry, and radiology. Learn why this test is essential.

Nutrigenomics And You

Nutrigenomics looks at the interaction between our diet and habits and how they affect genes for metabolism, development, and wellness.

3 Reasons Cancer seems to be on the Rise, and What...

Before we get bogged down with worrying about a seemingly impending, inevitable cancer diagnosis on our next trip to the doctor’s…. There’s some good...

Sports genomics: Genetic superhumans (Part 3 of 3)

So far, in this three part series, we have seen how one’s DNA can confer a biological advantage upon them, when it comes to...

Employee productivity – Moving from a generic to a genetic approach

“Healthy employees make better, more productive employees.” Starting with what seems to be rather obvious. Brash rather. Almost a bit too “in-your-face”. However, it needs...