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World Mental Health Day: What do genes have to do with...

Psychiatric illnesses are complex with multiple genetic variants, environmental and lifestyle risk factors. Learn more about the role of family history and how genetic counseling can help those at risk.

Autism Awareness: Let’s Color The World Blue!

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. We are celebrating Autism Spectrum Disorder this month by sharing information with you and of course, lighting up the world blue!

Colorectal Cancer Awareness

Colorectal cancer is one of the most preventable / early-stage treatable cancers. Learn more for prevention and early treatment.

Rare Diseases: We are In This Together

Rare diseases can have significant impact on the patient and families. For many families, multiple diagnoses, limited information and uncertainty

Congenital Heart Defect: A Story about Little Hearts

Congenital heart defects are present at birth. Read this post to learn more about causes, management, and how genetic counseling can help.

Runaway Heart: The Long and Short of Long QT Syndrome

As teenagers, most of us have felt our heart racing or skipped a heartbeat at even the mere thought of our crushes. While most...

Mosquitoes and DNA: The Evolution of Sickle Cell Disease

It starts with a tiny mutation. India's pioneering genetic counselor Pooja Ramchandran writes about the evolution of sickle-shaped red blood cells in populations where malaria is highly prevalent.

Haemophilia Day: Let Us Paint It Red for a Cause!

Haemophilia is caused by a mutation in genes responsible for making the clotting factor proteins. In cases of known family history, families with haemophilia get their babies tested soon after birth.