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Haemophilia and The Genes

Haemophilia is a congenital disorder and it can’t be prevented. Genetic counseling can help you understand your risks, enabling you to make informed choices.

Press Release: Mapmygenome Partners with Lucid Diagnostics To Offer Cancer Screening

Mapmygenome partners with Lucid Medical Diagnostics to offer cancer screening

Decoding The Pink Ribbon : Breast Cancer Awareness

October is famous for many reasons...beautiful weather, fall season, the Oktoberfest, music festivals in Malawi, human tower formation in Spain, book fairs in Germany...

Celebrating World Thalassemia Day

Learn more about thalassemia, its causes and symptoms, the role of genetics, and the importance of genetic counseling and testing.

Congenital Heart Defect: A Story about Little Hearts

Congenital heart defects are present at birth. Read this post to learn more about causes, management, and how genetic counseling can help.

Beyond BRCA and the Angelina Jolie Effect

BRCA genes for breast and ovarian cancer are well known, thanks to Angelina Jolie. However, there are many genes impact risk for cancer.

Psoriasis Awareness: Stress-busters every day, keep the itch away!

An itch of any kind is a source of tremendous discomfort. Combine it with red patches and soreness and it is a true test...

Alzheimer’s Disease: Losing Memories of a Lifetime

My friend and I were having a drink at the bar when he jokingly asked me what would I prefer to have when I...

Press Release: Olympic athlete Srikanth Kidambi strikes again : It’s a...

Hyderabad, November 2016 : Renowned badminton player Srikanth Kidambi came in person for his genetic counseling session. The 23-year-old athlete provided his saliva sample...

Asking for ‘Consanguinity’ in a couple ? – Rather ask for...

As an experienced Ob/Gyn/ Infertility doctor, when a couple comes to you for their preconception visit or confirmation of an early pregnancy, you may...