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From Our Experts: Autism Screening

Dr. Risha Nahar Lulla, Principal Genetic Counselor and Pharmacogenomics Expert at Mapmygenome, writes on Autism screening.

From Our Experts: Genetic Testing For Colorectal Cancer

Pooja Ramchandran, Director of Genetic Counseling at Mapmygenome, shares her views on the importance of genetic testing for colorectal cancer.

Genetic Counseling 101 – Decode your Gs and Cs!!

A significant number of physical and health characteristics are predetermined on account of being inherited from our parents. As a kid, when I didn’t...

Alzheimer’s Disease and Genes

Our brain is the most powerful link to the world and all things around us. Losing this connection costs precious memories and quality of...

Genetic Testing for Beta Thalassemia

A couple planning their first baby is worried about passing on the family “lineage” of Beta thalassemia. A worried father watches his young son...

World Health Day 2015 – Your Genes Can Make You Healthy

April 7 is the World Health Day. A day to spread awareness of health, which should be a priority always. There are many routes to...

Mapmygenome Brings Genetic Testing Online With Snapdeal.com Partnership

Hyderabad, September 9, 2014: Mapmygenome India brought genetic testing in India to the online market with strategic partnership with Snapdeal.com. The move enhances the services...