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Sports Genomics – Volleyball

By the time Gilberto Filho won the silver at the Beijing Olympics, he’s already carved out a special niche for him in...

Sports Genomics – Hockey

Leslie Walter Claudius, one of the greatest right-backs ever to have played the game is a man of no equal. The way...

Understanding The Role of Genomics in Improving Muscle Performance

A positive genetic profile, when mixed with an ideal training environment, plays a huge role in achieving elite physical performance; however, it has to be understood that, very less genes are known to be regularly associated with top performance, and not many of them are associated strongly enough to ascertain their usage in estimating the success of an athlete.

Sports Scoop: Can Genes Change Your Game?

The world of sports has always been demanding. It demands energy, discipline, rigorous practice, good sportsman spirit, honed skill set and much more! Renowned...