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Food Allergy – The Genetics Behind It

You are what you eat – this is a well known fact. What few know is that our genes play a role in...

Mental Health? What Does Our DNA Have To Do With It?

Understanding your genetic material and its associated factors will be advantageous for primary, secondary and tertiary risk prevention and guides plan amiable treatment procedures. With screening tests like Genomepatri you WILL find the best-suited route for yourself, and reiterates the importance of not following the crowd but forging a unique way of leading quality life. It is personalized, predictive, participatory, preventive, and POWERFUL!!!

Doctors’ Day 2019 – Saluting the Heroes in Humanity

About 2 years ago we did a post on what doctors pioneering the use of Genomics had to say. This Doctors' Day,...

Understanding The Role of Genomics in Improving Muscle Performance

A positive genetic profile, when mixed with an ideal training environment, plays a huge role in achieving elite physical performance; however, it has to be understood that, very less genes are known to be regularly associated with top performance, and not many of them are associated strongly enough to ascertain their usage in estimating the success of an athlete.

Yoga for the Body, Mind, and Soul

Yoga is not just a routine set of exercises. It is wellness for the body, mind, and soul.

Parkinson’s Disease

Owing to the diversity of genetic and non-genetic causes of Parkinson’s disease, genetic counseling can be of great value to help families assess their family and medical history to identify possible genetic causes of Parkinson’s.

Endometriosis Awareness

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. Our expert shares this useful infographic regarding endometriosis.

Infographic: World Rare Disease Day

February 28th is World Rare Disease Day - a day to encourage awareness about rare diseases. Our genetic counselor Neeraja Reddy shares this infographic.

DNA OncoScreen – A Comprehensive Cancer Screen

DNA OncoScreen is India's most comprehensive cancer test with genetics, biochemistry, and radiology. Learn why this test is essential.

Some WILD-WOW facts!

Some WILD-WOW facts! Cheetahs are quite popular as  "specialist sprinters" as they are able to cross the African Savannah at speeds crossing 100 km/hr. The cheetah's...