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Genomics and Genetic Testing Overview: A Comprehensive List of Genomic Tests

Genetic tests analyse the DNA. Genetic tests can not only confirm or rule out diagnosis of disease, but also determine the chances of being affected by a disease later in life or passing on the abnormal genes to the progeny.

What if? The story of Personal Genomics.

What if you could predict if your well-being, your health will get disrupted? What if you could predict if you could be headed down an...

Celebrating DNA Day 2018: Facts and Video

April 25 is celebrated as DNA Day - commemorating the discovery of DNA structure in 1953 and completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003. Check out the awesome facts and videos we shared.

Telangana Today: Tackling challenges is in the DNA for this genome...

YV Phani Raj of Telangana Today wrote this feature about Mapmygenome CEO Anu Acharya as part of the run up to GES 2017.

The Promise of Genomics to Science and Society – Part 1...

Let’s start with the basics here. For the adequately initiated, the first bit of this post would be a bit of a snoozefest… Much like...

Confused about GST? Here is an Easy Guide – Anu Acharya

Mapmygenome CEO Anu Acharya shares valuable tips on GST.

Social Media Day: Connect With Your Genes

Our accounts are synced and our social media radars are always on the alert. The same cannot be said about our DNA. We connect you to your DNA.

From Genome to Syndrome : The Rare Disease Riddle

A is for Albinism, B is for Bloom’s, C is for Cat-eye… for almost every letter in the English alphabet, there is a rare...

Bones, Brains and Bright Eyes : Read to Believe!

Certain days this year have been indeed UNIQUE. While some appreciate an individual's contribution, some have been valuable in celebrating the awareness and growing...

Game Changers with Anu Acharya

In this episode of Game Changers, MapMyGenome founder Anu Acharya shares a poetic vision of biotechnology. In MapMyGenome founder Anu Acharya’s practice, DNA is more...