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5 Tips for Lockdown 5.0 : Exercise Right for Better Immunity

Lockdown 5.0 - a partial lockdown? Workspaces are open while the metro rail is not. The shops are open but gyms are...

Top 5 Lifestyle Disorders : Do Genes Play A Role?

The prevalence of lifestyle disorders has rapidly risen in the population (young and old), especially in the last few decades. As the...

World Kidney Day

On World Kidney Day, Mapmygenome aims to create awareness and to educate. Kidney disease can be prevented.

March’s Wish: Get Nutri-licious!

While following any kind of diet/rules, it is important to take small steps towards change. A drastic lunge could derail your efforts in the longer run! You are human, so are your needs and cravings. Experts in the field of Nutrigenetics anticipated this need much earlier and hence started working on a branch of science that slowly personalized nutrition to one’s distinctive DNA.

Five Reasons To Participate in a Long-Distance Run

On August 29 and 30, the city of Hyderabad saw thousands of people – young and old – participating in various long-distance races as...

Healthy Lifestyle for Adolescent Females

While evolution is often considered highly beneficial to mankind, we tend to overlook the fact that it has come to us at...